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Do you find that you’re often holding your breath? Do you squeeze your glutes to make your backside appear smaller? Did you know that little habits like this can affect how our pelvic floor work muscles work – or don’t work? In this fun and interactive session, you will discover the direct link to breathing and your pelvic floor muscles. After watching and participating in this session, you will learn easy-to-use strategies to start improving how your pelvic floor muscles work. Your body will likely also feel better after trying out the simple yet effective exercises.

Jenice Mattek is a licensed clinical practitioner and co-author of What Lies Beneath: The Under-Realized Effects of Breast, Abdominal, and Pelvic Surgeries. The first book of its type ever published to help women understand and actively overcome the symptoms they experience post-surgery. Coupled with her degree in occupational therapy, Jenice empowers women to take control of their health care, and their bodies through knowledge and exercise so they can successfully return to the activities of life that they need, want, and love to do. Jenice continues to reach more women with this message by teaching other health and fitness professionals working with women post-surgery and injury. She owns and operates a successful practice in Chicago with her husband, Dr. Evan Osar. When not in practice, you can find Jenice traveling the world, teaching, or enjoying time with friends and family.

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